The life, the love, the success of our dreams, these are what most of us seek. In every area of life, from money and career, to love, relationships and health, there are, both, secular and metaphysical teachings and success formulas attempting to map our way to the much sought after life. There are a bounty of formulas extended that work for awhile, until they don’t, or they work for some but not for the many. So, how can one find their way through this fog of information to that which can lead to the desired life? My wish here is to inspire you to a dynamic conversation in which all the answers you’ll ever need come to life and offer themselves to you once you ask the questions.

I have worked hard to unravel the secrets of success, health, wealth, great relationships, having a joy filled life, or, even of feeling good on a consistent basis. I pursued answers that could work for everyone, no matter their history, circumstance, or personality. But, alas, I have, finally, come to realize that these are not my answers to give. All of the “secrets” and all the answers we need dwell in our most immediate resource, that of our own Being, and they make themselves known as a result of a living conversation with the Universe, our body, our Being, (I, now, realize that these labels are interchangeable, for they are all one and the same).

Before I could find my own answers I had to give up the one thing that was blocking me from even starting the conversation, asking the questions, and, ultimately, receiving my answers. I had to give up my need to know; I had to give up my belief, (security), that I already knew. In so many areas I thought that I knew. I thought I knew what was best for my body, and even though my body would react adversely to certain things I was giving it, I kept giving it because I “knew” that what I was doing was healthy. I knew certain spiritual teachings worked, they weren’t giving me the freedom I’d hoped for, but, I “knew” they worked. My experience showed me, however, that something was missing in all my “knowing.”

It was Dr Dain Heer, author of, Being You, Changing the World, that introduced me to the simple concept of just asking a question and, so, I started asking questions. I started with a suggested question that he offered. “No matter what’s happening, good or bad, how can it get any better than this?” And so began a magical conversation where answers began to offer themselves up to me in response to my question. I asked innocently, meaning, I didn’t look for specific responses. I didn’t ask and then seek an answer, I just left the question out there. Having no predetermined idea of how a response would look, I was experiencing responses of all sorts, nice experiences, winning things, finding things I needed and wanted, but, not all the answers were ones that I relished, but, I understood that even in those I was being given the best direction given a particular circumstance. So, all of this as a result of asking a question; needless to say, I started asking many, many more.

Since I no longer need to know in order to feel secure or to feel that I have something to share, I am, now, just asking the questions rather than forming conclusions. The moment I think I know, the moment I form a conclusion, no more seems to be possible beyond that conclusion and I feel my relationship to Life start to become a bit more static, I become static, the conversation is shut down, for now. It doesn’t take too long for me to let go of my conclusions so that I can, again, be open to Life’s ever expansive, limitless, and evolving myriad of possibility. I can’t wait to get back to the question, opening, again, the communication, for, my favourite part of life, the aspect I love the most, is the passion I feel as I am immersed in this interactive conversation.

I have learned to ask questions that are rooted in love and possibility, the language and vibration of Life, rather than asking questions that come from fear and confusion. Questions based in fear and pessimism take me on a downward spiral resulting only in more frustration and no answers. I think the reason for this may be that, if a question, conjured from our point of perception, is asked, and our perception is askew, then there may be no accompanying answer to that question. So, I practice framing my questions in ways that guarantee success, in ways that open discourse, in ways that open me to the vibrations of Life, in ways that open doors.

It is a question that embarks us on an enchanting and magical journey through Life. Just offer up a question, and then another, and then another, and you, too, will find yourself in a dynamic, life giving conversation with the Universe. The answers to your life are as specific and personal to the question as is to the questioner, and so, forget about the formulas and be part of a living conversation, one where your very questions become the barers of new Life and possibility!

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