Everything Still Turns to Gold

I love feeling good about money, I love talking about money, I love having money! I find money to be a responsive and conscious energy, always responding to however I am relating to it. When I make positive gestures towards money, it’s response has been generous and sweet, showing me clearly and distinctly the ease in which it is willing to avail itself to me. When I feel tension around money, worrying about it or feeling in lack of, it suddenly takes on a more evasive quality, but whether I am experiencing money or the lack of it, or whether I am, in the moment, feeling good about it or not, I am always excited about a deeper mystery that it hints of. I have a great sense that what it has to reveal will enlighten me to an abundance greater than I could ever have imagined!

There was a turning point in my life when I started to become aware of money as the conscious, responsive energy that it is, and the evidence of that grew more and more apparent. The first time that I ever directed any type of conscious energy towards the subject of money was when I was on a sort of mini vacation. Walking along a secluded beach in the early morning hours, I decided to consciously put some love upon the subject of money. Out loud I started noting all of the things that I liked about money. It started off slow, but I built up a lot of momentum. Here’s something of how it went: “I love the aesthetic beauty of Canadian money, I love the colours, the visceral feeling of crisp, new bills in my hands. I love focusing on the very best in money; I love the sense of connection that money can create between people, the joy it inspires, the lightheartedness it brings. I love what money does for me. I love the security it provides and the sense of freedom it brings. I love the experiences it enables. I love the idea of having money to spare, I love being generous with money. I love to feel ease around money, I love having fun around the subject of money, I love the experience of having a lot of money, I love sharing money. It feels good to appreciate money in this way. I love money and all that it brings to me. It feels great to feel great about money!”

When I had finished my rampage of appreciation I was really hungry, so I went for breakfast at this cozy little diner I’d been frequenting during my stay. On this day, the owner served me himself, letting me sample his freshly made preserves, (not part of the menu), which were absolutely delectable, and after a delicious breakfast he informed me that it was, “On the house!” Was it all a coincidence? I think not. It was money, in it’s many expressions, responding appreciatively and in kind to the love I had just lavished upon it.

A long while back, I took a little workshop in my city called Money is My Friend, created by Sandra Moondancer. I don’t remember the specifics of it, but I do remember that it opened me up to a new idea, one of having an active, friendly relationship with money. I was enamoured by the idea of actually forming a friendship with money. On the day following the workshop, while on my way to work, I spoke out into the universe, expressing to money that I wanted to be friends and that I appreciated it’s desire to befriend me. Presto! The words had just left my mouth when a twenty dollar bill came floating right to me. There was no one else around, no one it belonged to, so I picked it up and thanked my new friend!

On another occasion, again, I was taking myself out to breakfast, I do that a lot; I hopped on the streetcar and as I travelled to my destination I was thinking about money, this time from a far more unsettled state, one from which I felt motivated to release the old tried and not always so true ways we’ve all been taught about bringing money into our experience. My main thought was this, “I’m no longer going to seek the world over for money, it’s not out there, it’s in here, (pointing to myself); I don’t know what that really means, but I know it’s true.” One minute later, I got off the streetcar and as I stepped off there was a ten dollar bill at my feet. Another idea confirmed, allowing me to peer a bit more deeply into the mystery that money holds. It was another clue to finding my way to financial breakthrough, and, oh ya, it was also a breakfast bought and paid for!

The clues being offered me didn’t all feel good or end in the “obvious” positive manner. On one such occasion, my dad contacted me, offering me, either, his car or the money he’d get for it once he sold it to his mechanic. I opted for the latter choice. I was excited as I looked up the make, model, and year of the car so that I could know the cars actual worth. In discovering it’s resale value, my excitement soon gave way to stress and tension as I started to worry about whether my dad’s mechanic would try to rip him off and not pay him it’s actual worth. Even though I was, potentially, on the receiving end of money, my feelings of struggle around it were surfacing and the lack mentality that I was so well practiced in was rearing it’s ugly head.

It wasn’t long thereafter, that my dad informed me of an incident that took place just before the mechanic was to pick up the car. My dad had decided to make sure it was running properly and by accident had rammed the car through the neighbours fence and into his shed. Needless to say, there was no money to be had from that car anymore. The interesting part of this story is that my dad had been driving for around seventy two years with only one very minor incident when he was young. My whole life with him he’d never had an accident or a close call and, then, just as I’m about to benefit, he has an accident, one that was minor enough for him not to be at all hurt, yet the car was rendered worthless.

I was so furious with my dad, but by that point in my life I had realized enough about the nature of reality that I could know longer look only upon the surface of events for obvious answers. He was just the easiest and most obvious target for an anger I needed to vent, but in my heart I understood that the loss of the promise of the money had only to do with me, and yet, it had come so close, almost within my reach. At the time, I couldn’t see just how close, not only money, but all forms of resource really were to my experience, but I would…. eventually.

Though I couldn’t really appreciate it in the moment, that experience contained within it a major clue as to how to actually receive the good that readily awaits. Life is always offering clues to this, but ooohhhh does it ever love to do so around the subject of money, I wonder if that’s because most of us feel so dependant upon it. We’ve made money our source of survival, security, nourishment, happiness, and hope, and yet, we are destined for a freedom that is so beyond what any worldly source could ever offer.

As I decipher the mystery that money so tenaciously keeps alive in my experience, I catch glimpses of the truth to which it seems to be pointing, or better said, of the truth to whom it seems to point. Through it’s ceaseless response to the quality of gaze I cast upon it, I realize that the currency that I seek was never to be found in the money itself; my real currency is never as fluctuating or temporal as is money, it is something that is alive within me.

In that which commonly feels beyond my conscious awareness, the Well Being of Life, the Power of Life, the Resource of Life, in fact, All of Life is alive, surging and swelling with explosive vitality within my core, and to whichever ideas or aspects of life that I commit my attention, to those this dynamic energy flows and gives sustenance, creating new manifestations that spring forth into my world! Our true power comes to life when, in spite of surrounding conditions, we allow our psyches and spirits to be flooded by our life thriving core energy. We do this as we lean into ideas and visions that are inspired by possibility, desire, celebration, joy, creativity, expansion, abundance, beauty, comfort, ease, trust, faith, and appreciation. As we revel in and devote ourselves to these qualities, a true alchemy is achieved, we are transformed, and through it’s infinite expressions, Well Being bares itself out and into our lives.

I love feeling great about money, I love talking about money, I love having money! Why? Because as it turns out, it really is my friend. I’ve found money to be a friend who points me, not to any real power of its own, but who points me to my own intrinsic power, and so…. the mystery has been unravelled! My true currency is found in my alignment to all of the Life and possibility that lay within me and with that currency I can have it all! I give thanks for all of my unique encounters with money and for all that they’ve revealed, for I have been enlightened to the magic, richness, and power of my own Being!


“There is a lady we all know

Who shines white light and wants to show

How everything still turns to gold” – Robert Plant



  1. Money is a responsive and conscious energy. Wow, that is just what I was looking for today! I’ve been trying to find a new way to look and money, and here you go and say it! Thanks, Tracy!


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