Lately, I’m finding quite an alluring theme that keeps recurring through many of the teachings that cross my path, one that mirrors an ideal that I have been moving progressively towards; I am here for the joy of it! The more I welcome and love this sentiment, the more Life responds in a manner that proves it true. Joybursts well up inside of me as I jump onto this Life thriving frequency and meet up with the Well Being in waiting.


Joy hasn’t always come naturally to me, in fact, far from it. It wasn’t until I traded in the old archaic tools of which I had been using to work my way through life, for the more powerful vibrational ones, that joy began to swell within me. I no longer hunt down solutions to problems, nor do I try to control, fix, or force circumstance, people, or outcomes; I am discarding these uninspired, obsolete ways of managing, while gaining proficiency with my new, more efficient, vibrational tools. No matter the conditions, I practice leaning towards thoughts and feelings of ease, lightness, allowance, appreciation, love, trust, possibility, fun, or celebration; these vibrational tools elevate me to the Life frequencies, where rejuvenation and replenishment occur, where solutions reveal themselves naturally, where my visions move into form, and Well Being and joy flow abundantly and freely.


We are here for the joy of it! We are here to feel good; feeling good is where the LIFE is! I encourage you to delight in the Well Being that is everywhere. Embrace the deliciousness of your physical life. Feel the rapture of both of your physical environments, your incredible earth and your miraculous body, and enjoy your time in this physical experience to the utmost.


Let the scent of a spring rain refresh you. Lose yourself in the vibrant depths of a fiery sunset hovering over beachy waters. Be at one with the stillness of a new day breaking. Splash in the ocean’s salty goodness. Feel the ecstasy of a summer breeze caressing your skin. Allow your spirit fly as you speed across long summer highways, wind blowing wildly through your hair. Feel the music of your youth, let it move you, let it bathe your soul. Discover explosions of taste within succulent delicacies. Tune your ears to the crisp, clear notes of song, of nature, or of a loved ones voice. Bask in all the pleasurable, ecstatic, and contrasting sensations that your senses avail you.


Indulge the enthusiasms of yourSelf and experience the wonders of Soul. Engage with each other passionately, connecting deeply and lightheartedly in fun and joy; laugh heartily, express your glory, feel your significance, love with abandon, create fervently, live freely, bask in beauty, invite newness and expansion with an adventurous heart, marvel at the wonder of your own existence. Celebrate out loud! Revel in the pleasure of being fully ALIVE and joy will reign!


We are here for the joy of it! Dare to believe! Dare to embrace the possibility and watch Life flood it’s Joy upon you and through you! Join me on this adventure of abundance and we’ll jump upon this Life thriving frequency together. Joybursts are awaiting! Well Being is aflowing!

They give us those nice bright colors

They give us the greens of summer

Make’s you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh ya

 –  Kodachrome, Paul Simon

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