The Wonder Woman Archetype: An Inner Awakening


Three cheers for the Wonder Woman movie. I found this movie to be so inspiring, it, literally, felt like an invitation to step into an expanded possibility of Being! It was a call to a grander vision, a call to love, and a call to adventure for anyone who sees beyond the ordinary. The Wonder Woman archetype is awakening within women and men everywhere and as we heed its call, we find ourselves embarking on a fantastical inner adventure, one that guarantees to transform our outer world!

Never have I seen this archetype more alive than at the historic Women’s March of 2017! I am still in awe over what I witnessed and experienced there that day; millions of women from all parts of the globe simultaneously standing for the furthering of women’s progress. Picking up from where their foremothers left off, continuing in the momentum that was once created, these women celebrated their innate value and inspired each other to keep moving into their full rights as human citizens. They stood for their freedom and autonomy and for their rights to enjoy all of the privileges that this world has to offer; but most uniquely, they stood, not only for themselves, but for a world in which everyone wins.

Bursting with power, those women weren’t only there to stand for, care about, or promote their own rights, but the rights and dignity of all groups, all minorities, of everybody. I felt proud to be a woman that day and everyday since, for it became evident to me that when women take on their rightful roles of leadership and power it is to everyone’s benefit.

A new brand of power was rising that day, one of which could give rise to a new world. Engulfed in that energy, my heart became so elevated that for a brief moment I found myself ensconced in a parallel reality and within it, a gentler world was at play, a world of cooperation, caring, kindness, and value of all. I felt the joy, energy, and passion of this new world; I saw its greater function and efficiency; I sensed its invitation to me and to all, an invitation to shift into this world of unlimited possibility of Being.

It is time for women to take the lead and to radiate an authentic power, so that a new world can be ushered in. Fighting, competing, dominating, and all types of violence and pushing against have been the main examples of power that we have had access to in our world. Though gaining in power, women must remain mindful not to simply adopt, and so further glorify, the traditional brand of power that is already dominant here, for the power that is already in place lacks the transforming energy that I know is available.

When women accept and adopt the norms of power that we see in this world we add only to holding ourselves and all of humanity to where we already stand: within an ideal of strength that keeps us in survival mode. At this point in our evolution our old and worn ideals of strength now equate to weakness, for they are rooted in struggle, fear, insecurity, and a sense of lack and scarcity. There was once a time and a level of living where this kind of power may have been of benefit, but no more! Now, a new world is wanting to emerge!

A new and magical world awaits its dawn. Where is this world, you ask? It is within you, an inner dimension even more real than the world you see before you; it is a fantastical cosmos of pure and endless potential from where Life and infinite possibility naturally express out into being. Here is where you will find your truest power; pure, authentic, and creative by nature, yours is the power of love.

Love is devoid of manipulation, coercion, or force; it is whole and complete and so it is impossible for it to infringe upon or take away from another. It does not judge or fight against anything, neither does it try to fix, change, or heal that which is already manifested. Instead, it creates brand new worlds for you to step into.

You are a Universe within a Universe of Infinite Universes, each one of us a Universe in and of ourselves, we ourselves, the very creators of Infinity. Every thought that arises from within your consciousness creates of itself yet another Universe in which to potentially romp. You are forever creating infinite new worlds to venture into, and with each fresh, new thought, comes its invitation to engage, and so, to step into the harvest of its world. Reap the harvests of your choosing by becoming more purposeful in your choice of the thoughts, ideas, visions, perspectives, and inspirations that you entertain and, ultimately, invest yourself in.

Consciously journey into the mystery and magnificence of your inner dimension: YourSelf, and you will find the world that you have always been hoping for. There, will be your true Source of abundance, freedom, and possibility. Through your inner journey, you will come to know that you YourSelf are the Treasure that contains ALL, and when you discover this, then you will know your power that is at work and play within the invisible!

Step into this adventure and allow the Wonder Woman archetype to awaken within you! Move into an expanded possibility of Being. See beyond the ordinary; indulge your inspirations. Keep looking in bold, new directions, let grander worlds be imagined by you, let your visions set you on fire and you will embark on a fantastical adventure where beautiful creations and new worlds come to form!


“Behind every atom of this world hides an Infinite Universe”   – Rumi

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