Across the Universe is a magnificent song written by John Lennon, but more than being a great song, it is a meditation in Love. As the song builds it emits vibrations of aliveness, infinity, and possibility. It is the end of the third verse, however, that really captures my soul and my imagination. I love to dissect it line by line, word by word; each line holds such Life, each inspired word, an entire world of its own. When I meditate upon the verse in this way, it transforms into a powerful meditation in Love!


Limitless, undying Love

Which shines around me like a million suns

It calls me on and on, across the Universe

Limitless: boundless, infinite, immeasurable, ever increasing, inexhaustible, constant, perpetual

Undying: eternal, endless, everlasting, unceasing

Love: allowing, compassion, wisdom, grace, kindness, non-judgement, constant, optimistic, seeing the best in, creative, transforming, accepting, celebrating, without need

Shines around me: surrounds, shelters, protects, guards, covers, contains, envelops, enwraps, celebrates, 

Like a million suns: the role of the sun – nourishes, sustains life, nurtures, warms, brilliance, comforts, soothes, heals, inexhaustible resource, light, enlivens

It calls me on and on: it summons me, inspires, beckons me, invites me, entices me, attracts me, strengthens me, enables me, emboldens me

Across the Universe: across and through time, space, dimension, infinity, all of creation and infinite possibility

What is Love? Love is the substance and the fuel of Life, it is an energy that comes alive  through Being. Love is  the very substance of who and what we are. Our physical bodies are more subtle and abstract than we know. As with atoms that are 99.9999999% empty space, we, too, then are comprised mostly of empty space, and what is that empty space of which we are strung together? It is the very essence of Consciousness – it is Love. Love is the true  substance of which we are made, expanding to enwrap our entire being, and from there, the  Universe.

Love is the fuel that enables new life; it inspires us to new ideas and expressions of being, celebrating each and every one of our unique offerings. Having no need outside of itself, Love casts absolutely no judgement on anyone or anything. It allows everyone to be as they are, it allows all things their own existence. Love doesn’t fight against or try to fix, change, or heal anything, rather it envisions and creates brand new possibilities to step into. It is within this freedom and through Love’s optimistic eye that we access a fuel that would move us to all that we desire, we have available a fuel that empowers us to bring to life greater things than we have ever before imagined. Now that’s Love!

Think about a love like that. This ceaseless and everlasting, unconditioned energy, boundless, infinite and inexhaustible, SHINES around you, containing you, enveloping you, enlivening you, illuminating you, flourishing you, and Celebrating you! Now, imagine yourself being surrounded by all of that LIFE and all of that abundance, times a million!

This all powerful Love forever calls, inviting you and summoning you onward and inward across time, space, and dimension, onward through creation, inward to an infinity of promise. Imbued with Possibility and Life, Love’s tones inspire and entice, strengthening and emboldening our passion and desire for its jubilant call from Across the Universe!


Now let’s MEDITATE on that!!!




  1. Brilliantly expressed, this is awesome, and if we as individuals embrace this, it would be a totally different world. One where complete, total LOVE surrounds and abounds.


  2. I feel more LOVE reading this and thank you for the remember to stay in my heart. LOVE is the answer. You have expressed this with such brilliance!


    • Thanks Cindy, I’m really glad you liked it. It reminds me, too, of the love that is, in every moment, always offering of itself!


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