Know Your Perfection!

Every morning, before I’m out of bed, I greet the aspect of myself that is Jet and then I greet myself in my Wholeness. “Good morning Jet!” “Good morning Source!” I say. “Welcome to another opportunity to live, to be, to create! Today, I clothe myself in this garment of Jet, and I Be through this beautiful, unique, and invaluable vessel.” Imagine, you and I, our bodies and personalities, the garments that we, as Source, don, in order to adventure through Life in a material realm, whilst still maintaining a distinction and autonomy belonging to our individualized consciousness alone. Wow! We are Source, being through form; Infinity manifesting through temporal, imperfect vessels, and demonstrating power and perfection through this union!

“Be perfect as God is perfect.” I discovered this quote in the New Testament and I love it because it indicates a perfection, a Grandness, that we already possess. Therefore, this quote is not so much an instruction, but a declaration, an inspiration to know your perfection. “Know Your Perfection!” For the majority of my life, my own perfection was far from any knowledge I was able to access. From a very early age I was a self-help junkie, I was always trying to fix myself, be more, be better, be different from who I was. When I tired of “fixing” one aspect of myself, there were always others awaiting their turn to be worked on. In my eyes, it was never good enough just being who and as I was. I know I’m not alone in this, my experience has shown me that many, if not most, spend immeasurable amounts of time and energy trying to change some or many aspects of themselves. But, what if we stopped trying so hard to fix ourselves. What if we paid ourselves the kindness of letting ourselves be and allow the perfection of that to come into focus.

The bodies and personalities that we own as ourselves are but garments, and with their apparent vulnerabilities, shortcomings, and weaknesses, we, as Source, chose them this way. Why? The answer lies in the paradox: perfection unfolds itself through imperfection! This being the case, what if it is not only okay to have our weaknesses, but what if they are the privilege and the perfection through which the power of our Whole Being can reveal and shine brightest. If we viewed ourselves from this perspective we wouldn’t be so threatened by our perceived flaws, we may even start to celebrate them, maybe even love them, and that which we love we don’t judge, nor do we force change upon. Judgement is the opposite of love and it is only through judgement that we deem ourselves unacceptable, yet if we can let go of the judgements and allow all aspects of ourselves their existence, a pure space of expansion emerges and a perfect and organic evolution and transformation begins to take place within that space.

Evolution and transformation are the most basic elements of our Being, and Love creates the space for them to awaken and unfold. Love is allowance in action; it is a respect for and a validation of somethings existence. Loving all that is a part of you allows you the freedom to stop trying to change what you believe to be wrong with yourself. Can you relax and trust that its okay to just let yourself be, whomever you are being in this moment? Can you trust in the innate perfection of your natural evolution? If you can, what then will you do with all the excess energy once spent on judging, fretting, berating, and efforting your way to change? There is nothing left to do but live, appreciate, celebrate, create, and adventure in directions that inspire and delight, and all of this, too, will create even more space for your evolution, so much so that your whole world will appear to transform!

It is now time to own who you really are! You are more than your body, mind, and experience suggest, the seeming frailty of each of these is but the showcase for something Grander that is eager to reveal itself. You are, both, Source and substance, you are consciousness within Consciousness within consciousness, evolving and transforming, not only one another, but evolving and transforming your entire world. We are Source, being through form; Infinity manifesting through the temporal and imperfect, demonstrating power and perfection through this union!


  1. This piece is extrodinary Peyton, and extemely well expressed. To know our perfection, is to fully accept, with Love, who we are at any given moment. Truly beautiful article, Steve.


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