Energy is neither created nor destroyed. This idea was really brought to life for me recently; a more visceral understanding of it came through the passing of beloved dog friend, Lilly. She had twenty action packed and well lived years here, I knew her for eighteen of those years and she had become family to me. Looking back on her final months, I’m extremely impressed at how she so determinedly squeezed every last morsel of life from her body so that she could continue to physically participate in her life and her loves. Even so, her body had lost its efficacy to express the gigantic energy that she truly is. The time came when Lilly, knowing that there was little within her body left to utilize, made clear that it was time she lay down that well worn body in order to expand into and express all that she had become as a result of her time/space experience. Neither being created nor destroyed, the life we named Lilly is again unbounded, an infinite ball of conscious energy that for a time became one with matter, forming into a body she became more and more and more until materiality could no longer contain her and she burst onwards, outwards, and upwards into an infinity of evermore celebratory becoming!

We will always love you Lilly


  1. HI JET
    Nice tribute to Lilly. She expressed so much life, when she was here, and expresses even more life now. Take care, Steve.


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