#TIFF2016 /A Destiny Awaits

There is a destiny that awaits you, one that loves you and is always summoning your heart towards it. Though the idea of destiny suggests a future time and space, it is very much alive and currently present. You are always moving towards it, and yet it is with you even now. It inhabits you always and as you recognize and appreciate your own splendour and wonder of Being, your destiny will light up inside of you, shining bright for all to see.


We all have felt destiny’s deep inner stirring, a mystery, a significance, a destiny yearning for discovery, yet we all too often distract ourselves from this internal call by projecting on to others the destiny that is within our hearts. We begin to look to another in search of a magnificence at which to marvel.


This becomes especially apparent to me during this time of year when TIFF fever takes over my city. Being one of the world’s top film festivals, it is where the art of film and storytelling, and the skill of the actor are honoured. It is also where “stargazers” come to catch a glimpse of those of whom our celebrity culture has elevated to the status of demi-gods. Such a culture is encouraged when we are unable to perceive the wonder and awe of our own being and so project our own greatness onto another.


Deep within our hearts the error of this projection is known and so a celebrity paradox occurs. “Stardom” can be a fragile and often temporary phenomenon, one in which our “stars” are vulnerable to being judged, torn down, and cast away, and by the same masses that elevated them and gave them their status in the first place. This paradox makes clear that we cannot, without repercussion, glorify in another the brilliance that we deny in ourselves.


Feel for your own Brilliance and a glorious unveiling shall take place, the revealing of a destiny that is worthy of you, one that points to your own magnificence and grandeur of Being on which to marvel. You are a living destiny, forever radiating that to which you are destined. You are the joy of Life, luminous, favoured and celebrated in all the Universe, you need only awaken to, this, your Destiny!

I’ll look back from Venus

I’ll look back from Mars

And I’ll burn with the fire of ten million stars

And in time

And in time

We will all be Stars

  • lyrics from, I Sing the Body Electric


  1. Funny, on re-reading this a year later, I am resonating with a different part of it. In fact, the first time I read it, I must not have resonated with it at all, because I don’t even remember most of it. This time, I am totally getting how you are saying that we project our destiny on others.

    And totally having wanted to pursue acting since I was young, I can see how I am doing this as I watch the art. Interesting timing too, because I suddenly feel bored with my job…. Perhaps stardom is around the corner…. 🙂


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