Bursting With Light

There is a Universal Celebration going on here, Source Energy bursting forth It’s splendour in wondrous spectrums of light, sound, tactile wonder, and Soul. It is forever celebrating through infinite form and as infinite displays of expression. We, too, are Life’s joyous and powerful Celebration!

Welcome to Bursting With Light, a space for all who want to consciously join in on this Cosmic Celebration. How great life feels and how differently it shows up for us as we come to recognize celebration to be our very foundation of Being! Celebration not only feels good, but also contains within it the power to elevate our lives, and so, as we arouse our spirits of celebration, not only do we tap into the heart and sentiment of the Universe, but we awaken to the truth and power of our Spirits!

I invite you to join me on this journey to celebration, and through it you will find the power of transformation flooding your Being. You will rediscover a freedom and a wholeness you may have long forgotten, you will come to feel your true worth, and joy will, undoubtedly, become your norm again.

Come and feel Life’s celebration of you. All of your endless striving, searching, and seeking to change or be “fixed” has reached its finale; you already are cause for celebration. You, in fact, are the celebration, and you are free to Be, to express, and to love from this pure place of innocence and revelry!

And so, SHINE ON

and let’s get this CELEBRATION started…

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