The Power of a New Premise vs. New Year’s Resolutions

Change your premise and create a new life by years end! It is a New Year and during this time when many are making their resolutions for the year, I, instead, choose to create a new premise from which to live. Within each of us there is a dynamic, creative inner power, one that literally surges through our spirits, minds, and bodies, enlivening ourselves as well as any subject that we may channel this energy towards, including our premises and the perspectives that naturally flow out from them. Whether our premises be conscious or unconscious, they are the foundations from which our life experiences come into being. You are the creators bringing to life even more life, so mindfully choose, choose, and choose again your premise and create anew what is, what has been, and what is to come!

Creating anew begins as we uncover the premises that lay hidden within our psyches. Often, our premises have been passively inherited and we end up spending a lifetime merely mimicking the deepest of influences that have surrounded and conditioned us our entire lives. As if by osmosis, we pick up ideas from our outer world –  family, friends, our culture, the mass consciousness. But, now as conscious, autonomous beings, with authority over our own minds and hearts, we have a choice in the premises we accept and those we discard and by our choices we determine our lives.

Premise is our jumping off place; our premise dictates our perspectives – how and what we perceive – and our perspectives determine our very ability or inability to perceive the opportunity, the possibility, and the abundance that we are, literally, immersed in. An accepted premise influences the way we view Life, the Universe, and ourselves according to the tone and quality of its theme. Unfortunately, we can’t create beyond or around our points of view and if we hold negative perspectives then we are left limited and blind to the true possibilities of Life.

When I am mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually weakened in any way, I usually find there to be a life draining idea or premise at its root. If we operate from any negative premise our resultant perspectives will be skewed and in due time, they will prove themselves to be true. But, fear not! There is no real danger here, for your perspectives turn to truth in only the most dynamic sense. Life is playing, it is playing through you and you are invited to join in the fun. Embrace, marvel, and experiment with Life. You will discover that truth really is subjective, nothing is ever set in stone; everything is vibrating energy, maliable and never static, always breathing, moving, transforming, and recreating. So, devise new premises to live from and observe the changes in your perspectives. Play with your perspectives; if you look at something in one way, that’s what will begin to present into your life; if your try on a different way of seeing, its evidence will emerge, too. This is the fun and the mystery of Life’s workings and when you are a curious, adventurous and joyous participant, it is vitality to your whole being.

I’ve experienced enough to know and now to trust in the fact that my premises are influencing my perspectives and my perspectives have created and continue to create the content my life. Because I know this, in this New Year I am digging into what premises I have actually accepted for myself, letting go of the old premises that don’t serve me, and I am creating some new ones. In doing so, I am creating solid foundations for new and burgeoning perspectives and, hence, some new realities to enjoy.

There are two main premises that I choose to adopt into my being for this year:

1/ I am unconditionally loved and supported within this loving Universe, and so, I Am free to Be, to play, to create, and to love.

2/ The reason I am here is to learn love.

Life is supposed to feel good! In this New Year let your new premises reflect that. We are creative and joyously rebellious Beings. Autonomous and free, our truest of perspectives rooted in Love, we bring to Life even more Life, this especially shows itself true as we find our way back to premises that reflect the life generating ideas and expressions of our soul.

At the beginning of this New Year, I make no resolutions, instead I create new premises and I form new perspectives from which all my good shall flow. Let us all choose, choose, and choose again our premises and create anew what is, what has been, and what is to come!

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe.” – Albert Einstein

I’m so inspired when I read over my last New Year’s blog post, it so holds up to truth, that I reblogged it again for you here.

Stay tuned for my next posts; I’m doing a series of posts on love. Thank you all for reading, I hope for you an inspiring and adventurous New Year!   –  Peyton Jet Tracy


  1. Geat article Peyton, very inspiring for generating brand new perapectives, which then lead to better choices, and a vastly improved life experience.

    Thanks for sharing this one, Steve.


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