Love Never Fails!

Does it ever feel like you are working too hard to move your life forward or to become the person you want to be? Besides the physical and practical process, I’m referring to the mental and spiritual practice of creating your desired life experience. I’ve always had a natural inclination towards spirituality as well as a keen interest in metaphysics, and I have dedicated years of my time and energy into learning to consciously extract from them their creative power so that I can mold my experience into one that I love. My process for doing so is to flood my mind and spirit with teachings and truths, theories and techniques that build my faith and set my imagination afire. Often, however, I found myself exerting way too much mental effort and when I did, I tired, and the results I sought unfolded at a snails pace, if at all. Gradually, it became apparent that there was a crucial piece of the creative process that I was missing and when I realized what it was, I was finally able to release my compulsive striving. I have discovered that it is love that moves my practices from a level of technique and manipulation to true power and vision. As I yield to love, its creative prowess grows within me, and never failing to fantastically reorganize and renew my life and regenerate my very being, love moves me to places only dreamed of!

What is Love that it can renew and reorganize so exquisitely? I’m not going to pretend that I know the full extent of what it is, for I believe that like everything else in existence, love, too, is eternally expanding its own nature, but I will share with you what I consider to be the most compelling aspects of its nature. Before I do that, lets make clear what love isn’t. While most think of love as a feeling, it, in fact, is not a feeling, and yet when we are aligned with love’s essence, it produces within us feelings of warmth, gratitude, appreciation, joy, compassion, oneness, passion, possibility, invincibility, expansion, and celebration; Love, literally, fills us with Life!

“Love is a many splendored thing,” it not only effects such regenerative energy within us, but there are two elements of love that are so powerful that if they alone were all that you ever expressed, you could transform not only yourself, but the world. The first element is non-judgment. Love shines strong in the presence of what is, and it allows what is its full expression for however long it needs to express. This means, it allows you, me, our feelings, our circumstances, and even the world to be as they are, and since love does not judge, neither perceiving in terms of good nor bad, right nor wrong, there are no requirements of change put upon us or our conditions. It becomes apparent then that Love is without need and being without need, it takes no offence, therefore, we are never of any offence to it. Love doesn’t require anyone or anything to be different from what they are being, and so, it does not push against, disapprove, or try to fix anything or anyone. Instead, it liberates within us an ecstatic and pure space of creation where our capacity for expansion becomes infinite; in this space, our deepest desires and highest imaginings can take root and be nurtured to full emergence.

Another captivating element of Love is celebration and under its umbrella: acknowledgement and appreciation. Love gives recognition; it sees every aspect of you and it validates your existence by establishing your worthiness. Again, it does this by allowing you to be exactly as you show up, and with no hint of resistance or disapproval. It grants this grace to all of your conditions and circumstances as well. All things exist for a reason even those things that we perceive as problems; love acknowledges, welcomes, and gives ear to whatever yearns to be and to express. It appreciates whatever is presenting in the moment, going so far as to celebrate that expression, for Love revels in the liberation born of allowing all, their voice. Love celebrates you, everything about you, for out of it all, Love has opportunity to become more, and when love is expanding, your evolution and transformation can assume their natural order.

In order to benefit from Love’s extraordinary power we must allow that Love in. We can do this by reinstating Love to its rightful position within our consciousness. Love has now become my conscious filter through which I more often perceive. Love is the standard by which I “don’t judge” myself. I now greet my feelings, my actions, and the conditions of my life with a gentle spirit and a non resistant heart. In letting love reign, I feel like I can finally relax and just be, this sense of freedom enables me to exist from a place of pure appreciation, inspiration, and joy of expression, trusting in Love to deliver me to where and whom I most desire to be.

Love never fails! In availing myself of Love’s most dynamic attributes, vibrancy breathes back into my life and my tired soul is refreshed. Aligned with Love’s regenerative energy we are unstoppable! With judgement and resistance set aside, we create and expand into Infinity, and in celebration, we are the space of endless transformation. So, yeild to Love and its creative prowess will grow within you to fantastically reorganize, renew, and regenerate your life, transforming and expanding you and delivering you to places only dreamed of!

“Love is what brought you here and if you trusted Love this far, don’t panic now; trust it all the way.” – If Beale Street Could Talk


  1. Wonderfully written article Peyton. I just read something today that stated, I will dwell in the consciousness of love forever. You thoughts here totally reflect this idea. Again amazing insights and inspiring concepts.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Steve, I appreciate the feedback, I’m glad its reflecting other things you are reading


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