Take a look at my new video creation: Through the experiences of the cows and the perspective of one who loves them, this short film is a look at the cows experience within the factory farming industry, as well as an ushering in of a consciousness (r)evolution that is arising within our hearts and a celebratory vision of a new tomorrow for us all!


  1. I would like to applaud you for being able to share in a way that holds your attention & gets you emotionally involved. Way to go Jet & thank you for caring enough to do this for the cows!!


  2. Beautiful creation Jet. Thank you for sharing your heart, and an awareness of what cows go through, toward a potentially enlightened point in the not so distant future.



  3. It’s beautifiul. Thank you for sharing. You’re right about the song, the lyrics are perfect. I’ll look for more of their music. This made me tear up, but also made me smile. I wonder if you could show this at a VED talks, or another gathering. So great to see you today.



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