Life celebrates itself through all forms of being and it summons us forward towards the joy, freedom, and connection that all Life forms are destined to evolve to. It is time for humans everywhere to recognize that, not only ourselves, but all living beings are the celebration, and partaking of this One Life and being equally of this One Life, we all express it, contour it, and evolve it. Only when we truly accept this will visions of hierarchies and fantasies of our own superiority fade, ushering in a new era of freedom, respect, and connection. As we come to value the Life that expresses through all beings, not only will we free animals from an archaic system that uses, commodifies, and causes them great suffering, but we, too, shall be freed from the tyranny of this system. In our awakening, we will join in the celebration of Life and side by side with our fellow earthlings, we will move a little further along the way in our collective evolution – One LIFE moving onward towards its joyful destiny!

We are all of One LIFE and so, each aspect of this Life effects the whole of it. Unfortunately, a countless number of the values that we’ve decided upon as a human race have profound negative effects upon the whole. As individuals, many of our personal values have been passed down to us by way of religious or familial tradition, they are also formed through the cultures we find ourselves immersed in. Tradition, whether familial, cultural, or religious can be so ingrained in a person or community that it often becomes more valued than love, freedom, and kindness to Life, an attachment to just keep doing things the way they’ve always been done becomes more valued than our own individual and collective evolutions. It is time we wake up and take a conscious look at exactly what our values are, how they came to be, and from whom and where they originated, and then to challenge the ones that have a negative effect upon the whole. Let’s mentally step outside of and beyond the paradigms and realities that have shaped our values so that we can deliberately, consciously, and lovingly expand upon them from a place of heart and soul.

Corporate culture has become a big part of our landscape and it, too, has created its own unique space in shaping our values. Powerful corporate propaganda is designed to control what we see, know, and desire and like many of our traditions and religions, it originates ideas, values, and cultural norms that place humanity at the centre of Life. When we accept ideas that allow us to see and believe ourselves to be the centre, it gets harder to feel Life’s power and presence flowing and expressing through our fellow earthlings, and so we become almost oblivious to the horrors of a system that is eager to commodify them. The negative impact of our self-centred traditions, cultural practices, and corporate influences not only effect the rest of those with whom we share this Earth, but have devastating consequences for us too.

The tyranny born of an idea that places humans at the centre of Life has formed a backlash that has come down hard upon us. Dreams of our own importance and superiority over other life forms have turned to living nightmares, for they have become the gateway to creating hierarchies of value that extend even to within our own species. Unfortunately, devaluation of another blinds us to the LIFE that grandly expresses through that individual, opening the door to their use, abuse, or commodification. In fact, we are guilty of minimizing another’s value to such an extent that it has become a tool we use in order to normalize and desensitize ourselves to the use or killing of that “other.” I believe that our biggest evolutionary leap will be when humans, both individually and as a whole, step away from ideas and norms born of fear and scarcity, reject the dream of our own importance and entitlement, and begin to honour the LIFE that celebrates through every living being – honouring LIFE wherever it may flow.

The effects of losing consciousness of and , therefore, our value for this ecstatic flow within one another has caused us to lose our connection to each other, as well as to an ecosystem of which we play an intricate part. As a result of this loss of connection, we have taken far more than our fair share, robbing others with whom we share this earth their space, their families, and their very lives. Encroaching upon their space and polluting their habitats, we are forcing mass extinctions of many animals, while within a factory farming system, we are manufacturing an over excess of others. Again, the tyranny of our practices weigh heavily upon us too, for we have unwittingly created a climate reaction of fires, melting glaciers, and weather events that effect us all, and all of which are resulting in a tragic loss of diversity, upsetting a finely balanced ecosystem.

Our bodies and our minds, too, are suffering. We are drowning in a sea of information, fake news, biased studies, and corporate propaganda regarding the health of our minds and bodies and their connections to the foods we eat. Legitimate studies have long determined that eating the flesh and excretions of animals has accumulative detrimental effects upon our bodies and that whole food, plant based diets are best for our health, healing and recovery, and to our vibrant longevity. Yet, Big Agriculture and Big Pharma work hard to keep people confused and in denial of the evidence that their own bodies display. I have often fallen into the trap of listening to the messages that are voiced the loudest, the ones that are most prevalent in our society and of whom usually turn out to be the voice of big industry or those influenced by it.

Corporate culture is now the dominant influencer in our world and so, our lives, influencing, not only government policy, but our hearts and minds. Corporations, having been granted their personhood – recognition by law as an individual, bringing with it certain rights, protections, and abilities that are enjoyed by human beings – have more rights and protections than most living beings. It hasn’t even been that long since certain groups of people have had their rights of personhood granted, and non human beings, not at all. If we be in a world where a non living entity can be granted the status of personhood then it is clear to me that we can and, now, should create a world of new ideas, new cultural and traditional norms, and new supply and demand models, all of which include love and kindness and a grander idea of personhood, an idea of personhood that extends to honour all living beings, giving to them the rights and protections that that would allow. It is time for love to be the ultimate influencer, it is time to open our hearts and minds to include everyOne in this grand personhood, acknowledging and celebrating the One LIFE that we all share, that we all are.

Individually and collectively, we are One LIFE in celebration! I say we reflect that in our ideologies, ridding our cultures, families, and ourselves of traditions and accustomed ways of doing and being that rob any aspect of Life their dignity, value, and right to be. Let’s create new cultural norms, new paradigms and realities, and new ways of being and progressing based on kindness, freedom, and value of all. Let’s remove ideas of ourselves as centre and allow ourselves to ease back into our natural position within an ecosysem that thrives in balance. Let’s take back our health, our minds, and our hearts, creating a new corporate culture where love and honour of all living beings are what will drive a new model of supply and demand. And, let us finally pronounce One Grand Personhood as, side by side with our fellow earthlings, we celebrate our One Ecstatic LIFE moving onward towards a joyful destiny!

“The Soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different” – Hippocrates

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