Light In The Pandemic

This is our watershed moment, an opportunity to step forward into an evolution that has long been calling our hearts, gently urging us in the direction of our joyous expansion. The time is now and the pandemic that we find ourselves in the midst of is the opportunity. As it burns its way through any skewed priorities and unexamined values we may hold, this pandemic is creating, both, the inner and outer space in which to clear our minds, get in touch with ourselves, and to consciously decide who we want to be in LIFE. It is a chance to enliven our dulled souls and to step into a lighter consciousness – an aspect of our own consciousness which allows our eyes to open, our hearts to be made tender, strong, and bright. If this idea energizes and emboldens your spirit, that is your own evolution beckoning you, and it only takes this moment to slide into its current and be whisked away in the direction of your joyous and glorious expansion of Being!

This living current delights in carrying us onward, but in order to enjoy a smoother ride, I have found that I need to continually release the haze of worn ideas and ways of perceiving that have accumulated within my psyche and that keep me anchored to my history. I am gaining great confidence in my ability to agilely move from old ways of perceiving to new, comfortably using my creative autonomy to consciously and intentionally reframe and reinterpret my “stories” in ways that take me to whom I want to be. No matter what they may contain, it is our histories, our experiences, that are the materials we are to use to create our grandest versions of ourselves, for we are the creators, the destiny makers, co-authors with our own evolution in how our stories will advance. So, to those experiences that I had inadvertently assigned meanings that resulted in my stagnation and disempowerment, those that still enchain me to my past, I release them, now choosing to perceive those same experiences through lighter shades of consciousness, interpreting them in ways that add to who I am, that move me to whom I intend to be, and that harmonize with the direction my evolution desires to take me in.

Highlight all that is light; if there’s any work involved in harmonizing with where your evolution is taking you, that is it. As you continue to highlight the light within yourself, within your past or present experience, or within anything taking place in the outside world, your mind will align with your lighter consciousness and its abundance of energy will come to occupy more and more space within your psyche. You can feel when you’re in line with your lighter consciousness, it feels freeing – you feel light, you feel peaceful, you feel invulnerable, you feel open, you feel alive; it feels like home. When you choose light to be your focal point you naturally seek to find the best qualities and the highest possibilities of whatever it is you’re currently focusing upon. You feel for the thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that are most expansive, most inspiring, most generative. You interpret experiences and give meaning to circumstances in ways that draw out their LIFE and their possibility, rather than their lack and limitation. When highlighting the light comes to characterize how you perceive, your eyes and heart open and you, yourself, shine!

It is time to shine! Now is your chance to use the space and solitude offered in this time of global pandemic to get in touch with yourself and make conscious choices about whom you want to be in LIFE. Heed the call of your evolution, relinquishing any disempowering ideas or perspectives that prevent you from perceiving its enticements towards expansion. Remember, you are the creator of You, so whatever your history or experience, use it to unboundedly create your grandest version of Being. Let your lighter consciousness influence all that you create, highlighting all that is light, both, within you and without, and you will find yourself riding your current of evolution as it ceaselessly delivers you to increasingly luminous and expansive versions of You!

“Never correct and Always Highlight all that is Light, and the darkness simply fades away.”


  1. Hi Jet, I truly loved this article. YES, I agree wholeheartedly that we can all expand into the light of our true selves in this pandemic, and thus create new fresh beginnings for our life. You are a brilliant writer Tracy, as this piece of creativity attests. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this, it was a sheer joy to read.


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