Thriving Amidst A Pandemic

Whilst the world is in the throes of this pandemic, I am out daily with the dog in the near secluded streets of the big city. It feels different out here now – peaceful, calm, and yet, somehow electric. Without all the noise and hectic pace of our busy human lifestyles, there is actually space to feel the subtle, vibrant, cleansing, and healing tones of Life. This inspires me to view this pandemic as a time of possibility and healing, a potential opening to change and to new growth, an opportunity to thrive in the way we live, do, and be!

During this time of upheaval and worldwide human isolating and quarantine, I have read many a story of nature beginning to cleanse and heal itself. Pollution levels all around the world are declining; the skies are clearing of thick pollution, green house gases, and nitrogen dioxide by the day. New life is being breathed back into the earth! In concurrence with nature, I am leaping into this unique time of possibility and I, too, am making use of the opportunity that this human “downtime” offers. I intend to trust in and absorb the healing energies innate to Life, and heeding its summons toward change and growth, I will begin the process of cleansing my life of those things that have long remained, yet seem far outgrown.

I begin with my diet, for optimal health is of utmost importance right now. Over time, the quality of my diet has gotten better and better, but I still didn’t feel at full capacity. My gut was quite literally telling me that kicking the daily use of processed sugar would boost my health to the next level. I had been afraid to take that step, even though some years ago I went without sugar for a few months and it changed my whole outlook, reviving me out of a sugar induced, mental fog that I hadn’t even realized I’d been in for most of my life. Having become vegan over the last year, I realized that releasing sugar would have to be done in the exact same manner as giving up meat, dairy, and eggs. In order to be successful, while remaining fully satisfied, I must replace the old way of eating with that which is equally or more satisfying. The pandemic we are in has made going without store bought treats an easier option. Not wanting to wait in long grocery lineups just for a snack, I’m using this opportunity to make my own versions of delicious desserts, but without the use of refined sugar. And, you know what? As a result, my gut microbiome, (the dictators of our health), are celebrating and thanking me, and because they are finding their way back to balance, I am finding it easier to take a pass on the sugary treats.

While many are hunkering down in front of the television and Netflix right now, I am using this time to free myself of my excessive television routine. TV was always a comfort and a companion to me growing up, and still is, in terms of the content that displays to me a sense of lightheartedness, community, or intensity that I wish to capture in my own experience. I’m not ashamed of loving TV – I do love it, but I had fallen into watching shows that don’t matter to me, out of habit or to seek distraction. In the letting go of this mindless and addictive type of television watching, I’m discovering that the nature of cleansing is always the same – that which we desire to cleanse away must be replaced with things that are as satisfying or more so, and balance will result. And so, I am beginning to spend my new found time in ways that truly add to my Being, (with my fave shows as a side dish)!

Like the vast population of the world, I am slowing down and resting. I have gone back to my daily meditation practice which has, again, granted me access to the good feeling flow of vibrations, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. These are what I choose to focus upon most now, not only in these times, but in all times to come, for these life infusing vibrations are my true home and the common core and identity of us all. So, as I embrace and move deeper into these revitalizing energies, I ease into their healing, dynamic flow and I am delivered back into the Well Being that is the very foundation of LIFE.

Yes, it is a time of great potential and possibility! The cleansing and healing vibrations of Life are at work and at play all around us, and even in the midst of the chaos and pain of this pandemic, we can absorb their healing energies. Take heed their gentle summons toward new growth. Create the inner space to allow for the flow of good feeling vibrations, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations – your guides back to the Well Being of whom you truly are. Feel the possibility and inspiration of it all – a long awaited opening to heal, grow, and thrive in all that we live, do, and be!

“Limitless, undying Love shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on across the Universe.” – J. Lennon


  1. Thank you for showing your authentic self & letting us bare witness to your growth. Your journey gives me the motivation to do the things that I know I need to do to expand myself. I always enjoy reading your Blogs.


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