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Let’s mentally step outside of and beyond the paradigms and realities that have shaped our values so that we can deliberately, consciously, and lovingly expand upon them from a place of heart and soul.

Life is the Eternally New Moment

Life is Now! Its energy creates the time and space of the present moment and nothing and nowhere exists outside of the parameters of its eternally new moment. Our experience of Life, however, is linear and so, we view it in terms of past, present, and future. The past, we feel it to be inflexible,…

Bursting With Light

There is a Universal Celebration going on here, Source Energy bursting forth It’s splendour in wondrous spectrums of light, sound, tactile wonder, and Soul. It is forever celebrating through infinite form and as infinite displays of expression. We, too, are Life’s joyous and powerful Celebration! Welcome to Bursting With Light, a space for all who want to consciously join in…