Life is the Eternally New Moment

Life is Now! Its energy creates the time and space of the present moment and nothing and nowhere exists outside of the parameters of its eternally new moment. Our experience of Life, however, is linear and so, we view it in terms of past, present, and future. The past, we feel it to be inflexible, set in stone. The future we feel to be more mailable, so we implement numerous strategies in attempts to make it turn in our favour, but Life only exists now, within this present moment; this being so, we are potentially freed from what may seem like a solidified past and from a future that needs to be painstakingly engineered. Since Life doesn’t breath, express, or even exist anywhere but in the present then all possibilities must also be alive with it. If you can let loose the hold of your conditioned ways of perceiving Life and its timeline then you can be free to play amongst the infinite possibilities forever present and chorusing through the Universe!

I have always been open minded and open hearted, sensing that anything was possible with Life; I couldn’t then understand the reason for conditions that seemed to anchor my life to a particular set of limitations. Eventually, I would come face to face with the source of this problem; I had spent my life maneuvering around or suppressing feelings that had long hidden inside of me. I was carrying the energy of a core feeling that essentially translated to: “If its something great, if its something I really want, it won’t happen for me.” Yes, I believe in all possibility and I even believe in my authority to choose from the vast array of possibilities what I most desire, yet on a deeper level, I just couldn’t see Life panning out in my favour and so, I was constantly trying to force my good into existence. Deep inside I was bound to the feelings that plagued my earliest years; I still felt like that powerless little girl, always feeling at the mercy of Life.

My feelings began to transform as I experienced the power in consciously making space for all of my feelings without resistance to them or judgement upon them. By providing this loving and hospitable environment, I was allowing my feelings their unconditional existence and expression. Rather than always relying on self soothing distractions, (for me the two big ones I used were snacking and television, and at one time smoking), I gifted myself the opportunities needed in order to feel all that was inside of me. In allowing all of my feelings as they arise, even the ones I had always been afraid of, judged, or the ones I was prone to distract myself from, blocked energy within me is freed to move through or transform, releasing me, in my present, from my past.

Life is in the moment and the more I keep myself present to where Life is, instead of letting my mind wander into places where it is not, (like dwelling in notions of the past or future), the more of its favour I find. “Live true in the present and the future must be what the present has been.” This is one of my favourite ideas. It is from the book, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, and it demonstrates how creative and powerful living true to the moment really is. Life unfolds itself perfectly and naturally out from this present moment. The present and future are one, as are we with the moment, so whom we bring to this moment, whom we are being is all that counts, for we are the substance from which Life truly creates, we are that which informs each moment. More and more, I practice being true to the present by bringing my true Self to each moment.

In order to bring to this moment my truest Self, I am learning to differentiate my Self from what is merely my psyche. The psyche is something we have, it is not who we are. It is our unconscious creation, a literal neural program created from our experiences and our responses to them; it is from this program our thoughts emerge. The psyche is our grand narrator, the voice in our head that relentlessly gives us opinions on everything. It is the judge, the worrier, the fearing and so, it assumes responsibility for thinking up ways of controlling outcomes. I don’t want to make the psyche sound like it is only negative, it can also be an appreciator, a lover, or an optimist, but, ultimately, it will be what experience has programmed into it. Since I’ve become aware of all of this activity that emerges from the patterns formed in my psyche, I don’t’ take its feedback so seriously anymore; I practice observing it, bringing my awareness to its expressions and impressions, knowing that it is all just my programming, and more powerful than my programming is who I really am. I AM the backdrop upon which all of this activity plays, I AM its observer. I AM the AWARENESS and I am gaining great skill in distinguishing between the two.

To live true in the present is to be more aware and present with Self, where consciousness is perpetually fresh and new. In every moment, we are, literally, new creations. In each pristine moment of now, we are an ever fresh consciousness at one with this moment and we are free to seed into it what we will. Shall we present to this freshness ideas and energies of faith, celebration, and love, or shall we continue to reintroduce to it illusions of the past, together with its blocked energies and familiar layers of practiced, limited, and unremarkable ways of perceiving? With each step into new consciousness you can fill it with more LIFE, until, eventually, you are so consistent in this that the past and its effects won’t exist anymore, they will, literally, not be a part of your new consciousness.

The seeds of this very moment extend in all directions, for there is only one Living Moment containing all of time and all possibilities exist within it, so the consciousness that you bring to this moment shapes all moments – past, present, and future – it influences the possibilities you extract from them. Living true to the present transforms the effects of past pain, trauma, and heartache, and dare I say, may even alter their cause, too. And so, what we believe to be a solidified past turns out to be as fluid as is the present and as malleable as is the future. The past, present, and the future then are in constant states of creation and transformation, each informing the others, and according to the energy or the consciousness you choose to abide in this very moment, they are all shaped. I consider that as time travel at its best!

No more am I that powerless little girl who once was; no more am I trying to manipulate my good into existence, I don’t have to, I know Life’s favour and I marvel at the ever existent possibilities it stretches before me. I know that by allowing my feelings and providing for them a loving environment, free of judgement or resistance, a fertile space is created, one which will produce much abundance into my life. I know that in distinguishing my true Self from my psyche, I discover an eternally new and fresh consciousness in every moment. Having learnt to travel above accepted notions of past and future, I know that I can create in all directions. This is the me that I now bring to this moment. I am more than I ever knew myself to be, I AM the moment! And in this moment, I AM free to play amongst the infinite possibilities forever present and chorusing through the Universe!


  1. Hi Peyton

    This is a wonderfully written article, so cyrstal clear in content and deliberate in structure and above all heart felt expression. This must have been a sheer joy to write, as it was for me to read.


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