Let Go

Life is an act of perpetually letting go. My experience is that the better I get at letting go, the fresher my life feels and the more empowered I become. If we can all stretch so far as to be able to release even the prior moment, we open to Life’s flow and its current renews and purifies, allowing us new eyes from which to perceive and fresh hearts and minds able to fully appreciate the novelty, aliveness, and infinite potential and wisdom of this new and present moment. Letting go is an art and as you hone your skill, you will increasingly share in the exhilaration of the all creative and spontaneous moment; practice looking only to this living moment, for in its timeless and unencumbered space, you will become one with its vibrance, freedom, and possibility!

After so many years, I have sharpened my skills in this art of letting go to that of a razor’s edge. From the near beginnings of my life, I have had plenty of opportunity to practice. I lost so much at an extremely young age, all of which contributed to decades long issues with attachment, and since issues have a way of circling back around until they are made conscious, emotions fully felt, and wisdom gleaned, my issues allowed for the lessons of letting go to be repeatedly positioned front and centre in my life. In retrospect though, I recognize that my experiences were opportunities, and what often appears as negative occurrences taking place early on in life, or even recurring throughout our lifetime, rather than being unfair or tragic, they are actually gifts that hold within them the keys to our own empowerment and freedom.

The many experiences of loss that have taken place in my life have all pointed to an accompanying wisdom that yearned its unveiling, and when my awareness was finally ready, the veil lifted and there waiting to be embraced was the knowledge of the transitory nature of all that is of this physical world. I know it seems obvious, common knowledge even, but when the transitory reveals itself within our own lives and experiences, many of us still resist; we feel confused, blindsided, debilitated, or persecuted by it; we fight the change and try to hold on to what is stretching towards evolution and transformation. When I deeply and completely accepted the awareness allowed me, I was freed, freed from accumulated pain and anger over past loss, and free of stagnation. I am now excited to yield to Life’s, both, destructive, (tearing down), and creative, (building anew), current. I can finally relax as Life performs its perpetual sweeping away of the debris of the last and of all other moments past, while it concurrently prepares ever fresh and new foundations for me.

Buddha stated that much human suffering comes from our belief in permanence. If there was only one instruction given me that I wish could have been emphasized whilst growing up, it would have been that of the changing and impermanent nature of all things of this earthly experience, and rather than being a bad thing, I wish I had been taught that this state of impermanence is rife with opportunity, motion forward, and expansion. The knowledge and acceptance of this certainly would have instilled within me a stronger resolve to withstand, to hold on, and to look beyond when things felt hard and everlasting; it would have helped me to be more willing to move on from those events, circumstances, and relationships that had evidently reached their fulfillment. Many of us spend so much time and energy trying to keep the status of our lives and relationships from changing, that those very things that we are trying to maintain begin to feel dull and lifeless to us. I admit, it is uncomfortable when someone we love or something familiar that we find security, comfort, or pleasure in is displaying signs of its readiness to transform or depart; it can feel so much so that we often purposely ignore the indicators, and yet there’s nothing more painful or chaotic than trying to hold onto anything thats time has reached its end, but on the other hand, there is nothing more exhilarating than unburdening yourself of the need to keep things as they are, and stepping into the space of a fresh moment bursting with creativity, spontaneity, and possibility.

In contemplating the potentials and possibilities of the present moment, I keep in mind the wonders of quantum physics, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to be exact. It demonstrates that as our perception of what we observe changes that of which we observe changes too. There is no objective reality apart from our perception, our perceptions become our reality in a feedback loop. Imagine observing the present moment you’re in with fresh eyes, considering it pristine, brimming with potential, and free of the weight of any earlier moment, idea, event, or happening. With such an enthusiastic and unfettered vision, oh the influence our perception would have on the possibilities that would transpire before us! Oh the realities that could emerge as we release the restraints of continuity and move beyond bygone thoughts, judgements, patterns, and attachments! Oh the sense of aliveness we would experience!

Let go and come back to Life! I encourage you to practice the art of letting go, for with each exercise you will gain new eyes from which to perceive and fresh hearts able to appreciate the potential of an ever new and present moment. Glean from your present issues all the wisdom they hold for you and don’t neglect to receive from them their keys of freedom and empowerment that they offer. Befriend impermanence and ride upon its enlivening motion that propels you forward. Shake off stagnation and lifelessness and let them fall by the wayside as you embrace, both, the creative and destructive motions of Life. Let Life sweep away all that came before and experience the exhilaration of stepping into the unencumbered, spontaneous, and all creative moment; bring your fresh hearts to this living moment and its vibrance, freedom, and possibility will by yours!


  1. HI JET
    I really loved your article, so amazingly interesting and above all very true. You are incredibly talented as a writer Jet, just so clear, deliberate, and passionate.


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