Multidimensional You

You carry within you light and power! But most of us don’t even come close to discovering this reality, instead we awkwardly feel our way along what oft seems a tenebrous path. As we move through life, the “right” decisions don’t always leap out and make themselves known, and whether we are even on the appropriate route to where we want to go or to whom we want to be isn’t that clear cut either. But be not discouraged, all of this ambiguity actually suggest that you are in a privileged position, one where what is to be is not shaped by correct decisions or exact paths, rather, what is to be is brought forth through your own perceptions. You are the great perceiver: an illuminator of dynamic worlds, an adventurer through infinite dimensions, and you can realize these potentials through the light and power of your grand Vision!

Vision is your greatest power, it is your gateway to new worlds, adventures, and opportunities; all that is there to be explored waits upon you, its perceiver. While many a wannabe adventurer relies solely upon their own outward effort and striving in order to find or construct desirous paths upon which to travel through life, I am, instead, learning to use my breadth of vision to shape how I perceive, knowing that it is personal perception, guided by inspiration and intuition, that light up dimensions concealed to the earthbound eye. Yet, my perceptions are also influenced by my beliefs and, unfortunately, many of them can be quite limiting. We can’t help but to perceive through the veil of belief, and whether they be positive or limiting, those beliefs will open the door to the quality of reality that they are in accord with.

For years I’ve tried to expand my beliefs beyond the limits of my personal history and past experiences, as well as beyond the overall cultural story and its belief systems; but I’ve found out that it can take awhile to broaden, transform, or move beyond well practiced and ingrained beliefs – a lifetime even. For this reason I no longer focus so much on changing them. Beliefs can be vast and are often deeply rooted within our psyche; while many of our beliefs are apparent, others hide deep below the surface, most of them turning out to be multi-layered. In the end, we believe what we believe for whatever the reason and it can be hard to dismantle those beliefs. That is, until something happens to turn belief on its head. For me, that happening is something as uncomplicated as an act of surrender. Rather than labouring to lift my beliefs beyond where they are, I turn my attention from them and I, instead, focus upon surrendering to the Life that enraptures the present and eternally new moment. I do this by committing my presence and my confidence to the creative beauty and limitless possibility that Life breathes into this moment. Within this creative space I find partnership, one through which Life inspires my vision, imagination, and intuition, melding them together with its wise and magical artistry to create paths for me to travel, ones that liberate a myriad of latent realities and can lead me into all sorts of unexplored dimensions.

We exist in a multidimensional Universe. Always teetering on the perimeter of multifarious probabilities, we constantly shift through dimensions with ne’er a notice; our movement so subtle that there’s usually no distinct perception of it. You can consciously bring some of your awareness to a shift by being especially mindful of the inspired and life giving perceptions that you hold, noticing that they land you in a quality of internal experience equal to those perceptions. Stay in that space long enough and its natural characteristics and outcomes start to unfold into your outer world too. Usually, when we consider a multidimensional Universe we think of a vast space that is outside of ourselves, and yet it all exists within. The outcomes that unfold into and as your outer world are actually the unfoldment of you, displaying yet more dimensions from within yourself for you to experience and for all to witness. Your dimensions are infinite and they come to life through your inspirations, your joy, your imagination, your passion, and your attention, and yes, even through your fears, despair, resignation, and negative focus; all of these are the true portals to all that you imagine, (positive or negative),….. and beyond!

The multidimensional you is ready for your exploration, each dimension eager for its illumination, and within them lie all the possibilities, alive and occurring within you right now in this very moment – a moment that is beyond time. There is no real time but the eternal now and what we consider to be the past and the future turn out to be not moments in time at all, but layers of dimension that exist concurrently in the infinite present – in the infinite You. So, time, as we see it, isn’t moving, either linearly or otherwise, it is my consciousness, it is your consciousness that is perpetually moving! It is our consciousness that travels to any time/space dimension that we can “realistically” or better yet, inspiredly perceive!

You are the great perceiver! It is time to throw away your ideas of correct decisions and exact paths and to bring forth what will be through the light of your own perception. Let your Grand Vision be your gateway to new worlds of experience, allowing it to guide your perceptions through inspiration and intuition. Celebrate as Life melds with your vision, imagination, and intuition, thus creating a magical artistry of possibility and opening doors to a multitude of unexplored dimensions. All of these dimensions are inside of you, so take this opportunity to embark on a great adventure into a Universe of possibility – the Universe of You. Anticipating their own unfoldment, all possibilities are alive and awaiting the arrival of your consciousness; they look to your inspired perceptions to bring them to light, for you are the great perceiver and it is time for the power of your Vision to illuminate dynamic worlds through which to travel and infinite dimensions that are joyous to unfold; now is your time to adventure!

“This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are.” Rumi


  1. Hi JET
    This is literally, absolutely, phenomenal Tracy You have ascended to another level of writing genius with this article. Imagine all dimentional possiblity existing not outside, but inside of us.


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