Exchange Your Quest To Find Purpose For Adventures In Consciousness

My whole life I’ve sought to find purpose; my reason for being, my sense of survival seemed to depend upon my knowing that I had relevance. Even though there were times when I felt that I was living on purpose, the circumstances that allowed for these times would eventually change and fall away, delivering me back to “the search.” I have now stopped chasing down the outer conditions that would provide me a provisional sense of being on purpose, for I have discovered purpose and “raisin d’être” to be linked, instead, to consciousness. In my unceasing growth towards greater heights of consciousness, new values and new enthusiasms arise and with them, pathways to fresh opportunities creep onto my radar. I have put the quest for purpose aside for good, my focus, my appreciation, and my trust now upon the Universe of Consciousness that contains me – that I contain, and, oh, what joy of being I feel being at the centre of all of this Life and possibility!

I now believe that if we feel the urge to be living more on purpose, it is a nudge, a prod, a reminder to allow for an ever expanding consciousness through which to live, move, and have our being; it is an encouragement to actually exchange the quest for purpose for adventures in and through consciousness. It is an invitation from a fresh space for you to come and play and to let inspiration move you to an expansive and unbounded vision, both, for yourself and for your world. As you yield to its summoning, you will grow towards heightened consciousness. Your heart will be first to respond to the call, your actions soon to follow.

Your heart is aroused and enlivened by this Universal invitation. Exhilarated by the enticement of holding more consciousness, your heart amplifies your love of and belief for a myriad of possibilities in which to play. Living from this space of light and power, your vision ignites and expands to include possibilities that, beforehand, you would never have even considered. Under the influence of the Infinite, your heart is inspired, opening you to novel ideas, perspectives, and values to try on, experiment with, and to experience and create your life through.

Your actions follow after your heart. Your actions or movements through this physical world are the actual treading of the pathways that your eternally expanding consciousness is building, opening, and revealing for you along the way. Even in those times when there seems no obvious route to travel and you feel your life or your yourself to be stagnant and at a stand still, your consciousness inconspicuously continues its construction of pathways, readying them for your journey. By merely honouring even the faintest of your hearts whispers, new enthusiasms will arise within you, uncovering pathways of fresh opportunity priming their burgeon. Mysteriously, both, the call of your heart and your actions are the results of and your deliverers into new and expanded consciousness.

There is another enigmatic force in play when it comes to our growth into expanded consciousness. Although we may have some conscious control, we don’t seem to have the ultimate control over our speed of growth. In back of our wondrous and profound process of becoming lies Innate Intelligence managing, directing, and orchestrating our climb through Infinite Consciousness and no matter how much demand we put upon ourselves, or how much our desire for expedited growth, our expansion will neither be rushed nor cajoled. For the most part, I have found peace and acceptance within my process of becoming by learning to trust…. and love too, for trust is born out of love, (New Testament, 1Corinthians13: love always trusts). This love, this trust, enables acceptance, optimism, and even confidence concerning where we currently are in our lives, in our psyches, and in our evolution of consciousness.

When I do find myself falling into judgement of what I perceive to be a slow rate of growth, a particular verse within The Tao helps me to recover my ground. “The Tao does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.” This verse empowers me to, again, trust the Innate Intelligence that is within and about me; it reminds me to relax and just go with the natural ease and flow of Life. At times you to may feel like your growth is slow and near non existent, you may even have tired and given up “working” on your growth, even so, you can still be rest assured that the force that runs through your depths – permeating, expressing, animating, sustaining, nurturing, coordinating, and evolving every level and aspect of, not only you, but of Life itself – will never leave anything undone. It is good to be like The Tao, for it is when you put away the striving, the pushing, the controlling, the manipulating, the micromanaging and take a breath and allow, that you will come to sense its flow in your life. This realm of growth into, through, and of Consciousness is beyond your doing; it is a marvel of Mystery itself, eternally spinning its wonders and taking you infinitely beyond where your heart can even dream or imagine.

So, who wants to exchange their quest for purpose for adventures through Consciousness? You need only reframe your urges to seek purpose into the reminders and motivators that they really are and then heed their invitations to play and be inspired to more and more consciousness. Follow your heart into this space of light and power where your vision can ignite and possibilities explode. Let your actions be guided by your heart and celebrate as, both, heart and action play into the Mystery of expanding and infinite consciousness. And remember, you need not rush your growth, it is futile to try to do so anyway, as growth takes on its own beat. So, in joy and confidence in where you now stand, let the natural ease and flow of Life take you on an infinite, exhilarating climb through your Universe of Consciousness – the centre of Life and possibility where nothing is ever left undone!


  1. This is a truly fascinating article Jet, superbly written. A real gem of wisdom for anyone desiring to walk the path of infinite consciousness within. Your writing style is without equal in my view, so clear, so concise and profound, yet totally understandable, relatable and applicable to every human being.

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